WinterSchool - February 2024

Congratulations to Manon Ferry and Laurine Tual!


On Monday 05 and Tuesday 06 February 2024, the ITI InnoVec winter school entitled "Micro-Technology for vectorization of drugs" was held. It brought together several researchers, students and guest speakers to promote scientific exchanges in this topical field. Several PhD students involved in ITI InnoVec presented their research work. Their presentations and work were highly appreciated. Congratulations to all! The winners of the awards are:

- Poster price :  Laurine TUAL

- Oral presenation price : Manon FERRY

Viewpoints from Manon Ferry - PhD Student :

I am honored to announce that Laurine Tual and I have won two prizes for best poster presentations at the event organized by ITI InnoVec. This experience has been enriching in many ways. It was a great pleasure to meet you Laurine!

 ITI InnoVec is a group dedicated to promoting innovative solutions for the vectorization of active biomolecules that can play a crucial role in tackling antibiotic-resistant bacteria and in the quest for more effective therapies for diseases such as aggressive cancers.

The winterschool they organized provided an exceptional opportunity to share my research and learn from others. I was delighted to meet so many individuals passionate about by this field. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for their dedication to promoting innovative research. Together, we can advance science and address crucial challenges in public health. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible.